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Enrollment & Rules

Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy

Rules of Conduct and Dress Code

ALL participants in the Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy will show respect. Respect for themselves and their property. Respect for every person with whom they come in contact. Respect for property of others. Respect for the grounds and facilities of all golf courses.

  1. It is by showing respect that one earns respect.
  2. Pay attention to all instructors and lecturers. Respond to all requests.
    NO hitting, kicking, or slapping another person either with the body or with a foreign object.
  3. NO throwing of clubs, balls, towels, or any other equipment or objects either on the course or in the club house.
  4. NO profanity on the course on in the club house.
  5. NO name-calling or derogatory remarks will be allowed.
    Address all adults with proper respect, such as “Good morning, Mr. (or Mrs.) Smith.” Use given names or approved nicknames to refer to fellow students.
  6. Attendance AND punctuality are mandatory. Please be on time for all sessions, whether on the course or in the club house.
  7. Please call Mr. David C. Killingsworth at (510) 541-2535 in advance if you must be late or absent.
  8. Observe the three R’s of golf course etiquette. Please replace divots, rack sand bunkers, and repair ball marks on the green.

Dress Code

  1. NO baggy shorts or baggy jeans. Shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
  2. Caps or visors must be worn with bill in front. Young men should remove their caps when in the club house.
  3. Shirts must be tucked into pants.
  4. Athletic (tennis) shoes or golf shoes only. Sports boots and rubber multi-studded shoes are NOT allowed.

Violations to the rules of conduct will be addressed as follows:

Upon the first infraction, Mr. Killingsworth or Coach Armstrong will speak directly to the participant about the behavior in question.

Upon the second infraction, Mr. Killingsworth or Coach Armstrong will speak to the participant’s parent about any offending behavior and the participant and parent will be asked to re-sign another copy of this document.

Upon the third infraction, the participant will be immediately dismissed from the session and a letter will be sent to the participant’s parent describing the offending behavior.

Upon the fourth infraction, the participant will be suspended from the remainder of the program term. Participation in subsequent program terms will require that the participant and his/her parent(s) meet with Mr. Killingsworth and Coach Armstrong prior to being considered for re-enrollment. Re-enrollment will be dependent upon their approval.

Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy